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A place for families to:
  • grow closer to God and the Church
  • learn about our Catholic faith
  • prepare to receive the sacraments

You are the
Domestic Church

Dear children & parents,


We’ve created this website so we can all keep learning about our faith and growing closer to God through our catechism and sacramental preparation programs, even during these challenging times.

As you engage in the lessons and activities together, it is our greatest hope that you grow closer together as a family and that your home becomes the "domestic church" God desires it to be.


Families growing

   and sharing faith together!

Every week discover a new topic to...


Learn about a variety of faith related topics through short videos to watch or texts to read together each week. 


You'll find age appropriate reflections and discussion questions on the topic to help you think and talk about together.


Each week games, crafts and puzzles will help you remember what you learned about the topic.


Topic related prayers and family activity suggestions will help you live out the faith in concrete ways.

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Though you do not need to be members of our parish to participate in this program,
families wishing to become members of this website must register for our parish catechism program.

Registration costs $100 / child OR $150 / family (2 or more children) 

Registration for sacramental preparation is an additional cost.

Please contact the Parish of St. Timothy for more information regarding
catechism or sacramental preparation (see contact information below).

Abstract Shapes

How this catechism works ...

View Sample Lesson - Giving Thanks

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