Confirmation - Lesson 9


God gives us relationships to help us become the-best-version-of-ourselves. He gives us relationships so that we can help each other get to Heaven.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful.
And kindle in them the fire of your love.
Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created.
And you will renew the face of the earth.

by the light of the Holy Spirit
you have taught the hearts of your faithful.
In the same Spirit
help us to relish what is right
and always rejoice in your consolation.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Today's Scripture

1 Corinthians 13: 4-7

Click on the Bible to find today's scripture passage or find it in your own bible at home. 

Try reading this passage by replacing the word Love by your name. Which of these statements are true about yourself? In what ways do you need to learn to love better?


What is love? This is one of life’s biggest questions. We all have a deep yearning to love and be loved. Love matters. You matter. Whom and what you decide to love matters.


The first thing we need to be clear about is that there are different types of love. There is the love we have for all men and women of goodwill. There is the love of friendship. There is romantic love. And there is agape, unconditional love.


At the most basic and natural level, love desires what is best for the other person. You cannot want someone to do something that prevents them from becoming the-best-version-of-themselves and at the same time claim that you love them. Love desires what is good for the other person. Along with this desire for what is best for the other person also comes the desire to share every good thing we have with that person.

Love rearranges our priorities.png

On a very human and practical level, love is a willingness to inconvenience yourself for another person. This does not mean that we should constantly inconvenience ourselves for those we love, but from time to time this is called for.

Can you think of people in your life who have had to inconvenience themselves sometimes to help you? 

Loveis achoice.png
What is Love.png

9:42 min.

What the Bible says about friendship.png

What is the purpose of relationships?


We have already spoken about God’s dream for us to become the-best-version-of-ourselves. Everything makes sense in relation to God’s dream for us—including relationships.

This world is not our final destination; we are just passing through here.  God wants us to walk with him in this life and be with him for eternity in

Heaven. God gives us relationships to help us become the-best-version-of-ourselves. He gives us relationships so that we can help each other get to Heaven.


The purpose of every relationship is two people helping each other become the-best-version-of-themselves. It doesn’t matter if a relationship is between husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, brother and sister, parents and children, manager and employee, coach and player, teacher and student. The purpose of every relationship is to help each other become the-best-version-of-ourselves. 


Two Seas

by Bruce Barton

There are two seas in Palestine. One is fresh, and fish are in it. Splashes of green adorn its banks. Trees spread their branches over it and stretch out their thirsty roots to sip of its healing waters. Along its shores the children play, as children played when He was there. He loved it. He could look across its silver surface when He spoke His parables. And on a rolling plain not far away He fed five thousand people.


The River Jordan makes this sea with sparkling water from the hills. So it laughs in the sunshine. And men build their houses near to it, and birds their nests; and every kind of life is happier because it is there.

The River Jordan flows on south into another sea. Here is no splash of fish, no fluttering leaf, no song of birds, no children’s laughter. Travelers choose another route, unless on urgent business. The air hangs heavy above its water, and neither man nor beast nor fowl will drink.


What makes this mighty difference in these neighbor seas? Not the river Jordan. It empties the same good water into both. Not the soil in which they lie not the country about.


This is the difference. The Sea of Galilee receives but does not keep the Jordan. For every drop that flows into it another drop flows out. The giving and receiving go on in equal measure. The other sea is shrewder, hoarding its income jealously. It will not be tempted into any generous impulse. Every drop it gets, it keeps. The Sea of Galilee gives and lives. This other sea gives nothing. It is named The Dead.

We can only love because God has loved us first, and he has loved us incredibly. Allow the love that flows to you from God to flow out of you to others.

Holiness Focus ...

The virtue of GOODNESS is the quality of being good, having virtue, character, and moral excellence.

Are you striving for goodness?

How do you feel when you behave in ways that are good, virtuous, and morally excellent?

Who is one person in your life that models goodness for you?


Choose Your Friends Wisely.png

8:57 min.

Discussion / Reflection

Who are the most important people in your life?

Are your friends helping you become the-best-version-of-yourself? Are you helping them become the-best-version-of-themselves?

How do you feel God is calling you to improve your relationships? (with your friends, with your parents, with your community, with God)

Discuss these questions with your parents or sponsor OR write your thoughts in a Confirmation journal.

Activity Suggestions

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