Made to suit your schedule

Lessons are divided into short "bite-sized" pieces so that families can do a little at a time. Lessons can be done all in one sitting or spread out throughout the week.

Basic Format of Each Lesson


Read the text and watch the short video to learn about this week's topic.


Think about what you just learned and discuss with your family using the questions provided.


Activities are suggested to help you understand the topic better and remember what you learned.


It is important always to remember that our learning is meant to help us connect to God and know him better. Prayer suggestions can help your family keep that connection active.


Everything we learn about God is meant to help us know him better so that we can imitate him and become more like him. Activity suggestions you can do as a family help give the lesson meaning in everyday life.


We want to hear from you! Don't forget to share part of your learning with us. Send us pictures of your family doing one of the activities or share your thoughts about something in the lesson.

October: God - Creator and Father


Giving Thanks

Learn to recognize all the wonderful gifts God has given you and give thanks.

Lesson 1

God the Creator

Learn the Creation story - how God created the heavens and the earth.

Lesson 2

God Our Father

Learn how God created you and what that means for your life.

Lesson 3

Growing With God

Learn easy ways you can grow in your relationship with God.

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View Sample Lesson - Giving Thanks

November - God's Family

Lesson 4

Heaven - God's Home & Ours

Learn about where God lives and our future home after we die.

Lesson 5

The Church - God's Family & Ours

Learn the Church & how we are all part of God's family.

Lesson 6

The Church's Family Tree (The Jesse Tree)

Learn about people in the Church's family whose stories are told in the Bible.

Lesson 7

The Seasons of the Church

Learn about the Church's calendar and the different seasons we celebrate.

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December - Advent & Christmas

Lesson 8


Learn about Advent and how you can prepare for Jesus' coming. 

Lesson 9

God Promises
A Saviour

Learn about God's plan to save us and why humanity needed saving.

Lesson 10

Announcing the Coming of Jesus

Learn about the people God used to announce the coming of Jesus.

Lesson 11

Celebrating the
Birth of Jesus

Learn about the true Christmas story - the Birth of Jesus.

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January - Jesus Grows Up

Lesson 12


Learn about the three wise men who brought special gifts to Jesus. 

Lesson 13

The Presentation
of Jesus

Learn about Mary and Joseph presenting baby Jesus in the temple.

Lesson 14

Jesus Goes

Learn about the time the child Jesus went missing.

Lesson 15

The Baptism
of Jesus

Learn about what happened when Jesus was baptized.

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February - The Ministry of Jesus

Lesson 16

Jesus Chooses
His Disciples

Learn about Jesus twelve special friends who chose to follow him.

Lesson 17

The Miracles
of Jesus

Learn about some of the incredible things Jesus did while he was on earth.

Lesson 18

The Season
of Lent

Learn about the Church season of Lent - a time to prepare for Easter.

Lesson 19

Jesus Teaches

Learn about the great things Jesus taught his disciples and us.

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March - Jesus Shows His Love For Us

Lesson 20

Jesus Heals
& Forgives

Learn about the wonderful ways Jesus changed people's lives.

Lesson 21

Jesus Celebrates The Last Supper

Learn about what happened at the last supper with his disciples.

Lesson 22

Jesus is

Learn about what happened the night Jesus was arrested.

Lesson 23

The Way of
the Cross

Learn about the suffering Jesus endured because of his love for us.

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