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Merry Christmas


The Story of Christmas


The Story of Christmas

Part 1 - Mary & Joseph (3:03 min.)

Part 3 - Jesus & the Shepherds (2:25 min.)

(4:34 min.)

Part 2 - Jesus is Born (1:56 min.)

Part 4 - Jesus & the Wise Men (3:31min.)

Brother Francis Christmas Story.png

26:32 min.

Brother Francis video - O Holy Night,
The King is Born: What Christmas Is About

Christmas Story Comic.png

Christmas Story Comic

The Christmas Story -
Fully Animated Reading (9:35 min.)


The Christmas Season

December 25th marks the beginning, not the end, of the Christmas season.

The Christmas season begins with the celebration of the Octave of Christmas, we celebrate for eight days.  The octave begins on Christmas Day and ends on January 1, the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God. The Christmas season officially ends with the Baptism of the Lord.

The Christmas season is full of exciting feasts and celebrations all pointing to Jesus as the Christ. 

  • December 26 – St. Stephen (the first martyr)

  • December 27 – The Holy Family (the Sunday after Christmas)

  • December 28 – Holy Innocents (children murdered by Herod’s soldiers in the effort to destroy the Christ Child)

  • January 1 – Holy Mary, Mother of God

  • January 3 – The Epiphany of the Lord (visit of the Magi)

  • January 10 – The Baptism of the Lord


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50 Ideas to Celebrate the 12 Days of Chr

Christmas Activities

Christmas Reading
Kristoph and the First Christmas
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The Story of Christmas.jpg

An Audio Drama

Christmas Music
The King is Born music.png
Christmas Star Playlist.png

(9:20 min.) 

Christmas Videos
St. Nicholas CCC video.jpg

27:29 min.

42:43 min.

Lukas and the True Meaning of Christmas.

24:13 min.

41:46 min.

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17:17 min.

Printable Activities
Happy Birthday Jesus_ornament Mary and J
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Birth Of Jesus Word Search _ Sermons4Kid
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