Ordinary Time


Green is for the Growing Time...

What is Ordinary Time?

"Ordinary Time" is the time, in the Church calendar, between the great feasts of Christmas and Easter (with their times of preparation - Advent and Lent). The season is called Ordinary Time because the weeks are named in number order. That doesn’t mean these Sundays are not important. The word “ordinary” comes from the Latin word "ordinalis", which refers to a series of numbers. 

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What Ordinary Time Looks Like colouring page from Look to Him and Be Radiant.

When do we celebrate Ordinary Time?

Ordinary Time is divided into two periods. The first period runs from the Monday following the first Sunday after Epiphany until Ash Wednesday. The second period spans the Monday after Pentecost Sunday until the First Sunday of Advent. In total it is usually either 33 or 34 weeks long, depending on what day of the week the Feast of Epiphany is celebrated.

Why do we celebrate Ordinary Time?

Throughout Ordinary Time the priest wears green vestments, unless there is a special feast day. Green is the color of hope and of new life.


During Ordinary Time we reflect on the life and teachings of Jesus. It is a time to learn and follow the teachings of Christ in our daily lives, to grow as his followers, and to come closer day-by-day to living Jesus’ mission in our own lives.

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How to Make Ordinary Time Extraordinary!

  1. Focus on prayer.
    Prayer is how our relationship with God grows. How is your prayer life? Do you need to change things? Ordinary time is a great time for families to find new ways to worship and pray together, too. Check out our Family Prayer page for ideas.

  2. Read about the lives of the Saints.
    The Lives of the Saints are a great source of inspiration to us.
    You can use the lessons of the saints and ask for their help to
    face the daily challenges in your own life. See the Catholic
    Saint of the Day here.

  3. Read Scripture.
    It can be difficult to carve time out of your schedule to read the Bible but there are ways to be more intentional about it. You can try reading the Mass readings for every day, join a Catholic Bible study group or try listening to the Bible in a Year podcast.

  4. Learn About our Catholic Faith.
    You can find a myriad of Catholic spiritual books or articles to read, Catholic podcasts to listen to or videos to watch on all aspects of the faith. The Catholic faith is so rich that one can never possibly learn it all in a lifetime. Have you taken advantage of our parish's free gift of FORMED? Check out the parish bulletin to find out how.

  5. Try out Adoration.
    See the parish website to find out when Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is available or just come visit the parish and sit with Christ present in the Eucharist in the tabernacle. Taking time out of your schedule to spend it in the presence of the Lord will reap great benefits in your life.

    “The time you spend with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is the best time you will spend on earth. Each moment that you spend with Jesus will deepen your union with Him and make your soul everlastingly more glorious and beautiful in Heaven, and will help bring about everlasting peace on earth,” – St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

  6. Start a morning ritual.
    Pray a Morning Offering and offer the day ahead to Jesus. Start the day off on the right foot, and it will be so much more rewarding. 

  7. Turn ordinary tasks into times of prayer.
    Many people find the mundane tasks of life to be chores they would rather not do. We can take these less than appealing tasks and turn them into times of prayer. Try offering each hour of work for a friend or family member, pray for your children while folding their clothes, or pray with a recorded version of the rosary while cleaning.

  8. Attend Mass regularly.
    Even while isolated at home, we can make Sunday Mass a priority. Whether virtually at home or in person, attend Mass with your kids every week. See our parish website for current Mass times and protocols or check out our parish's Worship from Home Resources page to find ideas for at home. Preparing for Mass ahead of time can make attending Mass more meaningful for both you and your children. You'll find resources to help here.

  9. Go to Confession.
    Examining your conscience often and going to confession will give you the opportunity to grow in holiness as you reflect on your own life comparing it to the example that Jesus and the saints have set for us. Find more information about the Sacrament of Penance / Reconciliation / Confession here

  10. Decorate your home according to the Church's seasons.
    Holy pictures and crucifixes help us think about God more often. Decorate a prayer space in your home with special items that only come out during ordinary time: saint cards for the feast days of the saints, natural objects that represent the season (fall leaves, spring flowers, beautiful pebbles)…and, of course, a green tablecloth, or even a banner your kids make.

  11. Examine your habits.
    Your day to day life is typically just a series of habits played out one after the other. If you want your life to change, the first place to look is your habits. A great new habit to start: reading the daily Gospel.

  12. Show Gratitude.
    Joy always finds its root in gratitude. Try starting each day by thanking God for five ordinary, everyday things. If you have a family, try going around the table at dinner time and list off things together. Try starting a gratitude journal noting things you are thankful for every day.

  13. Reflect on the daily life of Jesus.
    Imagine Jesus doing the simple things. Eating, walking, joking with his friends. Praying. Use your imagination to contemplate what Jesus or the disciples saw, heard, touched, tasted, and felt.

  14. Be Christ to Others
    Jesus Christ came not to be served, but to serve. He calls His followers to do the same. We cannot claim to follow Christ if we do not serve those people He places in our daily lives. What ways can you better serve your family or your community right now?

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